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Welcome to our patient center page. From here you will be able to schedule, cancel or reschedule and appointment. If you are a new patient, you will be able to request an appointment time and date and submit all the necessary paperwork. If you do not have a referral from a doctor and want to be seen, please print the direct access disclaimer under the patient forms tab and submit that with your appointment request.

You will also be able to request a copy of your medical records from this page. Please complete the required fields and attach your drivers license and submit your request. Once our medical records department verifies your identity we will mail your records to the address on file. Please review the HIPPA know your rights document on this page under the patient forms link for further information.

If you are a new patient and are scheduling your first appointment, please see the list of forms below to find the required forms you will need to bring with you on your first visit. You will need to bring a photo ID and a copy of your insurance card if you will not be paying cash.

Under the “patients form” link you will need to complete the following forms;

The following forms are only for your review and don’t need to be turned in at your first visit.

Schedule An Appointment

Here you can make an appointment, cancel an existing appointment or reschedule an appointment. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please input your name and date of birth, current phone number. Insert the day and time  of your appointment, select the clinic and in the message box please indicate if you want to cancel, reschedule or make  an appointment. Our scheduling staff will call you to confirm or change your appointment.

Medical Record Request

To request your medical records, please input the following information and in the message box include your current address. Our medical  records department will contact you as soon as  possible. Please include a copy of your current ID. 

Survey and Testimonials

 If you would like to give us some feedback on our service and to comment on those areas that you feel were exceptional and those which below par, please take the time to fill out our survey or leave your thoughts in our testimonial section. 

From a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best please rate the following categories. 

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