About Us

In 1993, Jacobo Physical Therapy founded by Gracie Jacobo opened doors under the aim of enriching the lives of our ailing community members. Along the way, Jacobo has grown into one of the most trusted companies servicing Kern County by constantly striving to live and operate by our mantra, “Living Life Well.”

Living up to this lofty standard means Jacobo values each patient and is responsive to their individual needs, provides a unique service-mix to reflect the needs of the community, innovates in the pursuit of continuous improvement while fostering a culture of empowerment, communication and teamwork to enrich lives.

Jacobo’s Mission: Living Life Well

The Patient Touch • Service Mix • Innovation • Culture

Setting the bar of Quality Care

The fact is, everyone claims they are committed to quality of care but few are willing to invest their resources to live up to this standard. While physical therapy is still rendered through traditional hands-on methods, the only thing stopping companies from utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure greater recovery & rehabilitation outcomes is their willingness to back up their claims with their resources. You don’t have to live on a therapy bed or rely on traditional gym equipment alone. Chose Jacobo’s total quality of care service model and exceptional staff to get you the results you deserve. Along with an exceptional staff of skilled professionals and services, you can expect the very best in equipment and facility:

And many more value adding services…